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Giving Day 2024

6th June 2024


Imagine if two hundred years ago, Catherine McAuley decided to use her inheritance solely for personal comfort. Imagine a reality devoid of her pioneering generosity, where the Sisters of Mercy never emerged to touch the lives of countless women and children.

Where would we be?

On this Giving Day, we ask you, our community, to contemplate the profound impact of their choices, actions, and generosity. Imagine the impact you could have for someone else.

With every individual contribution, no matter how modest, we collectively possess the power to transform lives.

Imagine the ripple effect: if each member of our community gave just $5, $10, or even $2, imagine the monumental difference we could make for someone else.

They say it takes a village to raise a child; it takes a community to educate one.

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Thank you to our Donors

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